Saturday, July 11, 2009

Wedding Bell Blues

Saturday 9: Wedding Bell Blues

1. If you have been or are married, tell us about your wedding. If you are not, tell us how would you want it to be.

- My Wedding was so simple because hubby and I wanted it to be. It was simple yet perfect for us because all of our close friends and relatives were all there.

2. What age would you encourage your children to get married?

-It depends on them. I set no age for marriage. As long as they think they are responsible enough for marriage and if they are financially stable, they have my blessings.

3. Who got married at the last wedding that you attended?

- It was last March, my friend Arvin got married and they chose my daughter Symone to be their flower girl.

4. Do you enjoy weddings and receptions?

- definitely

5. Have you cried at a wedding?

- always!

6. Would you prefer a lavish event or a intimate ceremony?

- I like intimate and solemn weddings

7. Have you ever been in some one’s wedding party? If yes, do tell.


8. Does a wedding make you happy and sentimental or grouchy and skeptical?

- I love weddings and I always feel happy for the couple

9. Why do you think our divorce rate is so high?

-People should think a thousand times before marrying to prevent getting a divorce.