Tuesday, July 21, 2009

For Us, Women

From my inbox....

Vaccine _ avoid being vaccinated with Cervical Cancer vaccine called Gardasil

The Health Science Institute (HSI) has issued a public warning advising girls and women to avoid being vaccinated with the Cervical Cancer vaccine called Gardasil.. According to Jenny Thompson at HSI, 11,916 adverse events after injection have already been reported to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) … and counting. Those adverse events include:
Pain and swelling. Life-threatening muscle weakness. Blood clots in the heart and lungs. The deaths of 32 innocent girls and young women.

The health threats listed above have all been linked with Gardasil, the so-called "cervical cancer vaccine" says Thompson. Merck, the pharmaceutical giant that manufactures Gardasil is aggressively marketing the vaccine as a way for parents and young women to protect t hemselves from Cervical Cancer and thus saves lives.
HSI's Jenny Thompson has released a 7 minute video in which she exposes the deception put forth in the marketing of this vaccine and reveals some truly shocking information no one else is talking about.
If you have daughters, granddaughters or friends who might be considering this vaccine, you must watch this video.. Please forward it to anyone you think would benefit from the vital information it contains.
If you think you know the whole story on Gardasil, you'll be shocked by what you're about to see. Just click below to start watching the video. It's just a few minutes long…and those few minutes might just save a young girl's life.

is this true? I received this email and decided to share it to those who are concern. This can be some kind of nasty rumor against the said vaccine but still this can serve also as a warning to all of us women.



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Hi,Tricia! This post is so informative.Thanks for sharing this.All women must be well-informed about cervical cancer and its vaccines.
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Hope you could post it here too. =)


Far more women die an painful death from cervical cancer than they do from vaccine reactions. All vaccinations have a risk associated with them.


I have a very conservative attitude towards immunization. I do vaccinate, but very selectively and in a delayed fashion. My daughter is only 2.5 and I myself am too old for the vaccine, so I have many years to wait and weigh the pros and cons of getting this vaccine. Perhaps by then, they would have come up with a much better/safer version of the drug. :)