Wednesday, November 5, 2008


I've been busy these past few days.... I am guilty for not updating this blog for quite sometime.

After my birthday I've been busy with different things and it was also holiday for a couple of days. The whole family was at home and household chores piled up. I cooked and cleaned endlessly. My little boy is so cranky and was crying all the time because his first tooth that is going to pop out anytime. He just turned 9 months last October 26 and 3 months more he will be turning 1 already. I am so excited and as early as now I am starting to plan for his birthday celebration.

A few weeks to go and my sister Ella will be home at last. Exactly 24 days more and she will be here with us. We are all excited because she'll be staying for almost 2 months. My Symone is so excited after learning that her Tita Ella will be with us this New Year. So many plans has been planned and all of us we're looking forward of having some quality time as a complete family again.

Last night I am starting to get pissed with my internet connection again. It was really slow. I am not dropping entrecard for 2 days already. Hubby and I are planning to change our internet provider very soon.

I am hoping all my blogging friends are doing ok.... I'll be visiting your blogs as soon as my connection can. I miss having my usual routines online but I know all will be back to normal soon.