Tuesday, June 30, 2009

A Once In A Lifetime Opportunity

I just talked to my long time friend who is now based in the US. She got married to her high school sweetheart two years ago. I am so glad that in spite of our distance she make it a point to contact me every now and then. We talked about so many things and I am so glad to know that she is now an expectant mother. Yes, she is now 3 months pregnant. They've been expecting since last year and when they learned that she is finally pregnant, they were so excited. I am so happy for them. They will be expecting to have the baby on December but as early as now they have so many plans. They've been considering storing the baby's cord blood. Storing your baby's cord can be very beneficial for their baby in the future. It is said that preserving the cord blood can be helpful in treating 75 diseases. It is also 100% match to the infant donor and up to 1 out 4 to his siblings. My friend and her husband will now be enrolling to cryo-cell to avail of their discounted rates when one use the discount code HOT. Cyro-cell is said to be the leading industry in cord blood banking with over 175,000 clients and more accreditations than any other private cord blood bank. I told my friend to grab this opportunity in protecting her future child because this is can only happen once in a lifetime




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