Sunday, October 25, 2009

Today Is My Birthday

I turned 34 today...yay! It's my birthday today and I am so happy since I'll be celebrating it with my whole family.

I prepared a get together dinner last night with my close friends and few relatives and I had so much fun just by being with them. We had our usual never ending chats and some blast from the past conversations...hehehe! We can't get enough of talking about our past. My friends left at midnight and I slept at 4am.

As for today, I'll be going to my grandparents place (which I always do on Sundays) and will be having dinner with them.

Another year has passed and I am so proud to say that my life has never been this good. I thank God for giving me 34 wonderful years and for blessing me with so much joy in my life. I thank God for the family and friends that he gave me. My family and friends who guided me and stood by me always.

I would like to thank my family....mama, papa and mimi for taking good care of me and my kids, for being my strength and for just loving me.

To my sister...thanks for everything and always remember that ATE loves you so much... I LOVE YOU! See you soon!

To my hubby and my kids...the 3 of you will be my forever love.

And lastly.... to all all my friends who remembered, I thank you so much for all the emails and messages.




happy birthday! :)


happy birthday!! :) have a great day!


A very happy Birthday, Tricia!
It's so nice you are able to celebrate with your family.
Have a super day!



just enjoy your day...Happy Birthday!

*nw mama*

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Happy, Happy Birthday - I have the same award waiting for you at my blog:
mmm I guess you just acknowledge both of our blogs - it must mean that a lot of people really enjoy your site! Thanks


Happy Birthday, and many more !!

Chie Wilks

wow..happy birthday mommy tric


happy birthday to you! may you have more love and blessings in life .. ;)