Sunday, October 11, 2009

Sunday Stealing: The Magical Mystery Tour Meme

Sunday Stealing: The Magical Mystery Tour Meme

1. Is there anybody you just wish would fall off the planet?
-honestly, yes

2. How do you flush the toilet in public?
- just the usual flush and go stuff

3. Do you wear your seatbelt in the car?
- definitely

4. Do you have a crush on someone?
- yes! lol!

5. Name one thing you worry about running out of.
- my kid's milk

6. What famous person do you (or other people) think you resemble?
- i don't know... I have no idea

7. What is your favourite pizza topping?
- bacon and pepperoni...yum!

8. Do you crack your knuckles?
- nope

9. What song do you hate the most?
- loud and rock musics

10. Did just mentioning that song make it get stuck in your head?
- yes!

11. What are your super powers?
- my patience towards things that can be very irritating

12. Peppermint or spearmint?
- peppermint

13. Where are your car keys?
- we have this little cabinet where we put all our important keys

14. Last song you listened to?
-it was a song in the 90's which I heard last night.... Room In Your Heart by Mike Francis

15. What's your most annoying habit?
- worrying too much about the future

16. Where did you last go on vacation?
- in Tagaytay City with my whole family

17. What is your best physical feature?
- my!

18. What CD is closest to you right now?
- My kid's favorite dvd.... BOLT

19. What 3 things can always be found in your refrigerator?
- my kid's medicines, milk and eggs

20. What superstition do you believe/practice?
- not to cut nails every Friday...i really have no idea why are my old folks are practicing it but out of habit I am now doing it

21. What colour are your bed sheets?
- white and red

22. Would you rather be a fish or a bird?
- a fish ...why? i don't know, I just want it

23. Last thing you broke?
- a drinking glass

24. What are you having to eat tonight?
- probably my granny's KARE-KARE (Oxtail and tripe in peanut sauce)

25. What colour shirt are you wearing?
- blue

26. If you could be doing anything else today, what would you rather be doing?
- sleeping

27. Do security cameras make you nervous?
- nope! why should I?

28. If you wrote a book about your life, what would the title be?
- Light at the end of the tunnel...hahaha!

29. Last time you went to a cemetery?
- last January

30. Last concert you went to?
- My favorite band's concert early this year (Side A Band)

31. Favourite musician(s)/bands you've seen in concert?
- Michael Jackson's History concert here in the Philippines

32. Next concert you're planning to attend?
- I still have no plans yet

33. Do you talk to yourself?
- sometimes :)

34. Have you ever adopted or purchased a pet?
- yes

35. Have you ever been present when an animal is being born?
- yup! when our cat gave birth to three cute kittens




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