Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Stem Cell Preservation For Our Future

If only I can turn back the time, I would definitely change so many things in my life. Our family has a history of diabetes. My grandmother had it and my mother is now under medication in controlling her diabetes. Mom was diagnosed with diabetes last year and since then everything has changed. Mom has to check her blood sugar levels every month and she has to take many pills every day. I know that having a diabetes is a possibility for me and my sister. As early as now we must take precautions and try to live a healthy lifestyle. If only we knew about the stem cell preservation earlier, my mother could have been totally freed from this deadly disease. Stem cell which is extracted from the menstrual blood can now be preserved and it has the capability to cure diseases such as diabetes, cancer and even leukemia. Women should consider having their stem cell preserved for their own future. We must be prepared on what the future holds for us. C'elle specializes with the stem cell preservation and if we are truly concerned with our health let's do something about it now. C'elle now offers an affordable way in protecting our future. When you enroll now it will only cost you $299 from it's original price of $400. Just use the promo code CN400 upon enrolling.