Saturday, November 14, 2009

Saturday 9: Man on the Moon

Saturday 9: Man on the Moon

1. Do you think it was important to send a man to the moon?
- definitely so that us, human being can learn and know more about the moon

2. What is your biggest fear?
- death

3. If someone hung a sign around your neck today, what would it say and why?
- "a contented woman"....I am contented with the life I am having right now. I am very happy with my family, my friends and my life.

4. What is the longest line that you've stood in and was it worth it?
- it was in the 90's when Michael Jackson had a concert here in the Philippines....I stood for hours and it was so all worth it.

5. As the holidays approach, what song are looking forward to hearing again?
- Christmas songs

6. Whose music do you think is the most important of your generation's?
- The king of pop's music

7. Do you find it is to be kind to strangers? Give an example.

8. When do usually lose your patience?
- it really depends on what situation I am in

9. Is there a book that you're dying to see as a movie?
- none so far



I am Harriet

It's pretty cool that they think they found water on the moon. Gotta wonder how it got there.

Have a good one.

Bud Weiser, WTIT

It's hard to argue about Michael Jackson's impact on music. Happy Saturday!