Friday, August 7, 2009

My 2nd Payment from Adgitize

I was so happy because I received my second payment from Adgitize. Here's the proof of payment from them....

Advertising with Adgitize gave my blog a lot of traffic and at the same time I was able to earn a little extra from them. I would advise bloggers to join Adgitize. For as little as $14 a month you can advertise your blog and get quite a lot of traffic.

Anyway, Adgitize is having an August Fireworks Contest. You can win as much as $75 just by doing the usual things you do online.

The prizes at stake are as follows...

1st Prize $75 USD
2nd Prize $50 USD
3rd Prize $25 USD
4th Prize 1 Month Ad on the Adgitize Network
5th Prize 14 Day Ad on the Adgitize Network
6th Prize 7 Day Ad on the Adgitize Network

The rules:
Grow Your Blog

Like all the processes at Adgitize we want you to grow your blog. So, you win by doing the things that normally grow a blog. You will receive entries into this contest 4 different ways.

* 1 Entry for Each Day in August that you have an Adgitize Ad Group on your Blog.
* 1 Entry for each day in August you have an ad running on the Adgitize Ad Network
* 1 Entry for each day in August you write an article on your blog
* 1 Entry for each day in August you score at least 10 Adgitize Click Points

How will you know that you have an entry in the contest? Each day just look at your Adgitize Points. If you have at least one Page View Point for a day in August you will have one entry in the contest.

If you have 100 Advertising points you will have a second entry. If Adgitize has awarded you 100 article points you will have one entry in the contest. Make sure you have given us your rss feed URL to ensure you receive article points. If you have at least 10 Click Points you will receive one entry.

You can score up to 4 entries EACH DAY in August. After winning one prize you will not be eligible for another prize within this contest.

The contest runs from August 1st, 2009 to August 31st, 2009. Prizes will be awarded on September 2nd, 2009. Adgitize will randomly choose the 6 winners from all available entries at that time. Member has to be an Active Adgitize Publisher to win.

So what are you waiting for? join and advertise with Adgitize now!

Click the banner to join....

Adgitize your web site.



Life must be lived as play

congrats!! i have been paid too.. my first earnings!!


Yay! Unfortunately, I was such a bad blogger in July (no regular posts) that I didn't earn as much in Adgitize as I used too. August should be different. Hehe :)


Do you want to have more time to visit other peoples sites to read their articles, increase traffic which brings mass drops on your site, I have a system that I made that makes it easy to drop entrecards in 15 minutes or less. Go to and you will see. If you don't like to get messages please let me know and i will never send you one again, I am only trying to help people get credits so they can advertise on other peoples sites. Good luck.

My Owl Barn

Thanks for the tip. I'll certainly check it out.


hay naku. I didn't earn much from adgitize...
so sad...


wow congrats! bago pa lang ako sa adgit and I advertise my site.. imagine from 22M alexa rankingnaging 3M in a span of 2 days.. kaloka!

by the way I am now following your blog. I hope you can follow mine too: Make or Break