Sunday, August 30, 2009

From Laptop to Scanner

Hubby was so disappointed with his laptop last night. He bought his laptop 8 months ago and just last night, while he was playing his favorite online game, the laptop suddenly shut down. Hubby checked it and he can't find anything wrong with it so just this morning, hubby went to a computer technician to have his laptop checked. A couple of minutes ago hubby called up and told me that his laptop's motherboard is not functioning anymore. The technician told him to buy a new motherboard.

I told hubby to buy a new laptop instead of buying a new motherboard. I told him to check out some store online and compare the prices of new laptops. I told hubby to check out and read their review and buying guides. is a great help to those who are wanting to buy a new laptop or desktops. This site also helps people find different computer accessories from different stores which offers great deals and discounts. I am also planning to buy a new high speed printer and scanner soon so I think it is a must for us to start canvassing for it. I know that through ShopWiki we can find affordable laptops and accesories.

And now that hubby's laptop is not working it means only one thing... I have to share my ever reliable laptop with him till he buys his very own laptop.

I have to go now and start checking out those computers at ShopWiki and I am so excited to find and buy a new scanner and printer that I will use for my newest hobby which is digiscrapping.

Happy Sunday everyone!




Now you have to share the laptop with your hubby.
Yes, it is nice to go online to find out the different type of laptop/computer.
Very soon, your hubby will have the new laptop/computer.
Thanks for sharing, have the nice day.

cornyman hubby asked me to buy a new computer too. I don't know what happened to my laptop recently. Seems like it's too "old" now, since i have been using this laptop for 5 years. I will look for the online shop too, it's cheaper than the store. :-) Hope your hubby will find a suitable and good one for himself and soon you don't need to share your laptop. :-)

Have a nice day!


Still Sunday for me, but I will be back tomorrow afternoon!