Thursday, January 29, 2009

A Woman's Monthly Miracle

Last year my mother was diagnosed to have a diabetes. We were not surprised since diabetes runs in our family. My grandmother who had diabetes and heart diseases suffered long painful years from this deadly disease. Last year, while having her annual check up my mother was diagnosed to have a diabetes. Her blood sugar was high and she had a fluctuating blood pressures. The doctors told us that we, her daughters, have a high risk of developing diabetes soon in our lives. I am totally bothered about the possibility of having it. Having diabetes is no joke. I can see how my mom suffered from this. It's a good thing that late last year her doctor told us that my mom's diabetes is now controlled but to prevent her blood sugar to get high again, my mother has to take her daily medicines and vitamin supplements for her maintenance.

C'elle is the answer for all my fears and worries. C'elle has a new stem cell preservation service. This life saving stem cell which is found on woman's monthly menstruation is going to be preserved for future medical conditions and ailments. C'elle offers an easy to use cell preservation kit that is a must have for every woman . This kit will preserve and isolate the cells which are collected from the menstrual blood. With this new technology, these stem cells can be used to help us someday when we suffered from serious illnesses and conditions such as diabetes, heart diseases, stroke and even the most deadly one, the big C or cancer. Being sick is a real big deal so as early as now we must prepare for it.

This menstrual cell is said to matches it's donor 100% and it can also be possible for the donor's first degree relatives to use it. I've visited C'elle's website and read C'Elle Testimonials. I am impressed about the result of this new stem cell preservation. I think that every woman should have this that will help them in the future. Order C'elle Now because C'elle is now offering a special limited time offer of $499 annual plan ($200 retail savings). If you avail of this limited offer you will be getting a bonus of limited-edition rhinestone engraved C'elle satchel when you use the code: CNB200 when ordering, offer ends on January 31, 2009