Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Contact Lenses Online

I have been wearing contact lenses for years now and I love to wear them in times that eye glasses is not convenient for me. I used to buy disposable lenses at our nearest optical shop and sometimes the lenses for my eye grade is not available and I have to wait for a month the least. Too annoying and time consuming waiting for the lenses for an indefinite time.

Since I am now doing some online shopping, I learned that there were sites that sells very affordable contact lenses. AC Lens offers a wide variety of contact lenses. They also offer contact lenses from different and famous brands. Placing an order with Ac Lens is very convenient and guaranteed secured. Buying lenses from them means that you are covered from their 30 day return policy and when your order reaches $89 the shipping will be automatically free. I am now really considering buying from them since I lost my eyeglasses a couple of weeks ago and since Woman's World Magazine recently recommended LensAlert in their "Products We Love" section, I would definitely love to buy one.


AC Lens has this new product called LensAlert. This product is very user friendly. This is perfect for everybody and anybody who wears contact lenses. This device reminds you when to change your contact lens and contact lens case. So for me this is a must have for people who has contact lenses.
You can check out the AC Lens blog to learn more about the AC Lens and their products.





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The contact lens case is often a harbor for bacteria and as such, should be replaced regularly or cleaned. Cleaning of a lens case involves briefly placing the case in boiling water after having manually cleaned the case. If you have a spare pair of lenses in your medicine cabinet, try to replace the solution and clean the case every two weeks. You may purchase new cases for pennies and often your doctor will provide you with free, sterile new cases if you ask.

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