Tuesday, January 6, 2009

10 Hours More

I'm kinda emotional right now. I am blogging and trying to forget what I am feeling right now. My sister Ella will be going back to Dubai tomorrow evening. I am sad with the thought of it but I am left with no choice but to let go. She will be back November this year and I am back in counting months and days till she'll be back again. I know that my children will miss their Tita Wow very much but I know in their hearts, that the time spent with her are always remembered and treasured.

I feel like crying right now... I will miss my sister so much but I know she will be back in no time. I'll miss playing our old time favorite Tetris game with her. I'll miss trying to beat her every night. I'll miss scolding her when she wakes my children. I'll miss seeing her everyday.....All the times spent with her is truly memorable and I will surely miss every minute that we spent together.

Ate will miss you Ella! I love you! and take good care of yourself.... Pray always!




Hi, could you tell me how you have all the widgets in your blog after adding your ads by google code? All the extra widgets disappeared once I put up the ads code..


i know how you feel, my sister ako na nag work sa Dubai, 6 years kaming hindi nagkita kasi naka based ako sa US, then bago kami umuwi nung Jan 2007, nagpunta sya ng Dubai ng Nov 2006, bumalik kami dito ng May 2008, dumating naman sya nung Dec 2008, halos mag te-10 years na kaming di nagkikita.Kahit na we talk thru technology, there's nothing compare to the real thing.