Friday, March 6, 2009

FLU No More

"Seize the day, but never choke on the bone" A famous saying that holds true to a lot of people who manage to enjoy life to the fullest. For some, being young and "feeling" healthy would mean an "eternal" license to a healthy and worry-free living.

Little did we know that life is not about fairy tales. Yes it can be true that being young would mean a lesser chance for us to be sick but not in all circumstances.

With these that I would like to share a very classic example of a someone who manages to keep and maintain a healthy living but still is very vulnerable to being sick.

I am a 33 year old married woman who practices a clean and healthy living. As much as temptations would entice me all the time (i.e. chocolates, ice cream, grilled meats, processed meats, etc), I kept - and still am - struggling to keep my head up and focus on what's healthy (although not very tasty all the time :-). But despite of all the precautions and techniques in being healthy, I am still prone and vulnerable to a lot of "knee-bending" factors. These are factors that are nature-related, environmental-affected and unforeseen realities of life.

As a mother of two kids, I would definitely go to hell and back just to shield my children from anything which might harm them. But sometimes and due to some unavoidable circumstances and despite of all the precautions that one takes, whether we like it or not, we can still get sick. Like this one instance, actually a couple of weeks back, my two kids got sick. They had a high fever and cough. I was so worried because this was the first time that my kids got Trangkaso at the same time. I rushed them to the nearest hospital and they were diagnosed to have a Flu. This incident made me realize that it's about time that I should take action regarding Influenza. Having flu is no joke. Since times are hard nowadays and medicines are expensive, a mother like me should find ways in preventing this thing to happen to my family again. We went to my kid's pediatrician to ask about the Flu vaccine. Our doctor gave my eldest her Bakuna using VAXIGRIP. It is said that flu vaccines shots should be taken annually and upon knowing that Influenza is indeed a serious disease, my family will definitely have these vaccines against flu yearly to lessen the chances and impact of flu on us. I know that being Bakunado will be such a relief for a mother like me who wanted only the best for her family.

In these modern times Flu can now be easily prevented by having vaccines. Sanofi-Pasteur is a dedicated organization in fighting Flu and is now having it's Bakunado sa Flu campaign here in the Philippines. To know more about this campaign just visit




Flu vaccines are very important. I always make sure that my family gets vaccinated early on in the flu season. I hope your kids are feeling better!


My brother got the flu shot..then 2 months later got the flu and spread it to all of us! This year it wasnt as productive!

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