Wednesday, December 31, 2008

I Lost My Glasses!

We went at my nephew's birthday this afternoon. It was a long and very tiring trip. The traffic was so heavy. From the usual 1 hour drive from our place to my brother in law's place, it took us more than 3 hours before reaching their house.

People we're going ga-ga over buying stuffs for the new years eve and new years day celebration. It's a good thing that my sister was done doing our grocery for the new year's day early.

Anyway, Hubby and I together with my sister went at a nearby tiangge yesterday. We did some last minute shopping and at the same time took advantage of a very big sale there. Imagine I bought Hubby two pairs of cargo pants for only 800 pesos (more or less $20). It was a huge savings for me. After doing and buying all the things the we needed and wanted we went home straight and upon reaching our house I realized that I am not wearing my most precious eyeglasses. I looked at the car but unfortunately I didn't find it. I looked everywhere but to my dismay I didn't find it. I felt so terrible since I find it hard to see without my glasses. I am having a hard time doing my usual routines without them. I needed it very badly. It's a good thing that a few months ago I read about Zenni Optical. Zenni offers a new and wonderful selection of Holiday frames at a lower cost. I immediately visited their site to browse some of their new frames. I oh so love their selections and it makes me wanted to buy one immediately and have it fix for me. I love this frame and mind you it's only $8. I told Hubby about it and he told me to make an order and he will pay for it.

Thanks so much in advance Hon! :)