Friday, May 8, 2009

My Mother's Day Wish List

A few more days to go and come the most awaited day for all the mothers in the world. Mother's day is here and it is time for us to give honor not only to our mothers but to all the mothers we know. Hubby and I will prepare a special dinner for my mother on Sunday. I asked my mother what she wants and she told me that a simple dinner with our family is more than enough for her to celebrate.

Awhile ago, as I was talking to my daughter, she asked me how many more sleeps to go before the Mother's day. I told her that she will have to sleep for two more nights. She asked me what gift do I want to receive from her and I told her that her kisses and hugs is enough. She smiled and walked away.

After my daughter left, I asked myself what do I really want to have on my special day? I always wanted to have my own DSLR camera, a new cellphone, a spa treatment and my most wanted Korea trip. Yes! Hubby and I are planning to have an out of the country vacation in the very near future. My friend who is staying in Korea told me to come and visit her. So many things has to be planned ahead of time since I'll be leaving without my kiddos. I am also planning to buy new clothes for our future trip. I love to buy a sweater like the one in the picture.

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