Sunday, October 26, 2008

Thank You

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To all of you who remembered my birthday...Maraming Salamat, Thank You! It really made my day more than just perfect! It made me realize that there is more to life than being bothered by nonsense issues. It also made me realize that despite of all the things that happened there's still people who stood by me and believes in the truth.

Thanks to mama, papa and mimi for raising me. Thanks for being with me for the past 33 years and always remember that I will be forever grateful for the values that you teach us.

To ella, I love you dearly and thanks for everything!

To hubby thanks for everything.... no words can describe how lucky I am having you in my life. You and our children has been my strength and inspiration especially these past months.

To all of you who made my life so damn miserable these past months, from the bottom of my heart, I thank you! ( I know that few of you reads my blog ) Thanks for making me realize the real meaning of family, the real meaning of love and the real meaning
of myself.

I am tough, I have faith and I have my God.... God's divine justice will soon prevail... I know that my birthday is the right time for me to celebrate because I already won the battle.



Scotty's Princess

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, SIS! Very well said! It just goes to show how strong your faith is and I salute you for that.

Sorry wasn't able to greet you on time. I wasn't online the entire day yesterday. My cousine ven did the dropping of cards for me, haha!

Anyway, Many happy returns of the day Sis and may God shower you more blessings, long life, stronger faith, enless love and God's grace.

God speed all the way!


belated happy birthday!

just blog hopping...

Mommy Elvz

Hello Tricia belated happy birthday!

I wish you more blessings to come and good health :)


belated happy b=day! Indeed, this is one special day that we should thank God for His endless blessings, our family for their unconditional love, those who hate us for making us become stronger, and to be just thankful for everything.period. ;)


oh.. just wanna leave here a message and wishing you a belated happy birthday.. many more birthdays to come and blessing and success....