Saturday, August 9, 2008

Dating 101

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1. When was your first kiss and where?
..::.. It was so memorable that up to now I can still remember the date... hahaha! It happened September 7, 1991... where? at our house ..::..

2. When was your first real relationship and how long did it last?
..::.. My first ever relationship was also my first real and serious relationship. It lasted for 2 years.. ..::..

3. What age were you allowed to date?
..::.. I was allowed to go on a date with my first boyfriend and I was 15 then but my sister was always with us. It was only a year after when I was allowed to go with him alone ..::..

4. What’s the craziest thing you did (for love) when you were a teenager?
..::.. Stalk my boyfriend and accused him of doing things which he wasn't doing... hehehe! I was kinda immature pa during that time ..::..

5. How long was your longest relationship and what’s the secret?
..::.. It's with Hubby... 3 years ..::..

6. How long did you date before you decided to settle down?
..::.. 3 years after we finally decided to get married..::..

7. How did you know he was the ONE?
..::.. I just felt that I can't live without him... yikes! super mushy... hahaha! ..::..

8. Now, at what age will you allow your kids(s) to date?
..::.. 50! hahaha! kidding aside I wouldn't set any specific age. I will allow them to date as long as I know that they'll be responsible enough to handle such things ..::..

9. When it comes to your kids dating, will you be a cool parent or a strict parent?
..::.. I know that I'll be a cool mom... I want my children to treat me as their friend. ..::..

10. What piece of advice can you give to your child when they start dating?
..::.. Not to take things seriously and BE WISE!!! ..::..

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