Wednesday, July 30, 2008

The Week That Was

Yes I am guilty! guilty of not updating this blog for days now. I am down with flu and been very busy.

Last July 27th I prepared a simple dinner for special relatives and few close friends. Wanna know why? Actually it's my daughter Symone's 5th birthday. We had a simple celebration. I cooked and prepared all the foods just by myself. It is a simple dinner but I see to it that Symone got her cake and balloons.

It's a very tiring day for all of us but my Symone is very happy and it's an enough reason for us not to feel exhausted anymore. So to all the people who loves my daughter and who remembered to greet her.... THANK YOU SO MUCH for making my child more that just happy!

The following day July 28th, Monday was Symone's real birth date. Since there's no school and hubby didn't go to work, we all stayed home and slept all day. Symone wanted to have her favorite Vanilla Frappe at Starbucks and since it's her day we let the little girl have it. So off we go to the nearest Starbucks....

Went home kinda late and that's when I felt that I am starting to have a flu.
Thank God and I'm feeling a little better now and feeling good that I'm back in blogging again!