Monday, July 7, 2008

A Very Good Opportunity For Mommy Bloggers To Earn

It's been quite awhile since I quit my job at a government agency here in Manila. I have to leave my job for a valid reason that I have to take care of my daughter, Symone. I want to be a hands on mom to her. I want to personally attend to her needs and my husband's needs as well. There were no regrets or whatsoever regarding my decision to be a full pledged stay at home mommy. I love my family and I am more than willing to sacrifice anything for them. I just gave birth a couple of months ago to my second child and I must admit that we have a growing needs in terms of financial aspect. To make life a little more easier for hubby and me I decided that I should look and search for a new way of earning some extras while staying at home with my kids.

Since I am a mommy blogger for months now and I get to meet lots of friends, I found SocialSpark in one of my fellow blogger's page. I clicked it and upon learning what Social Spark is all about, I am very delighted and happy of the thought that this might be the one that I've been looking for all along. So What makes SOCIALSPARK different from other? the answer is SocialSpark is a social marketing network wherein you can interact with different people from all over the world, from all walks of life. You can meet and found new friends as well. SocialSpark offers different opportunities and blog sponsorships to those who wants to earn extra on the side. SocialSpark makes the advertisers and bloggers meet for one objective and that is to promote and earn. Earning from this site is very easy. Look for an opportunity that you like and you qualified. Meet the opps requirements, post it in your blog, wait for the approval and that's it!

And now I am appealing to all the SAHM (Stay at home mommies), SocialSpark will be very helpful for us to be productive even if we are only staying at home. It is also very nice to earn and help our husbands in paying our bills and needs in times when money is tight. It will also very rewarding to purchase your favorite things online using your earnings from socialspark.

So... what are you waiting for mommies? join the fun in SocialSpark! sign up and start making friends and moolah as well.

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