Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Lie... Lie... Lie

For the past days I've had enough share and encounters with different lies that it came to a point that I felt betrayed. It came to a point that I wanted to shout to the whole world that IT WAS ALL A LIE... but I know that if ever I fought for the right and honest thing so many people will get hurt knowing the truth behind those lies. I pity people who tell lies all the time and with all due respect to them I know and I feel that they have their own reasons why they kept on telling lies. I always think and ask myself "WHY DO PEOPLE TELL LIES?" I dont want to sound so clean regarding this topic... I admit that sometimes I also do tell lies but there are people who cannot open their mouth without lying and trust me those people do really exist....

So many things have been said and I know that fighting for the right is not right anymore....

I've searched the net with these questions in my mind.... why do people tell lies? where does it came from? why do we do it?

In this article the reasons will be revealed....

As a Joke

Many times individuals lie to tell jokes. Does that make it a good thing? Maybe not, but I guess it will depend on the person. If it is perhaps Halloween, and a group of kids are planning a scare, one of them might lie to get an individual trapped into their prank. Even in simple sarcastic conversations one may tell a lie, but was only being sarcastic with actually no intention of harming or deceiving the person. In either case, this form of lying, as a joke, is one of the reasons why people lie.

To Escape Punishment

Another reason why people lie is to escape punishment. If a child knows that he's done something wrong and is afraid he is going to get punished for it, the natural reaction of a human is to lie to prevent it. However, many times that just makes it worse, and so in some cases people know to tell the truth up front to avoid getting caught in a lie later. On the other hand, those that do tell a lie are simply doing so as a risk to avoid punishment.

Deceptive Gain

This is form of lying is probably the most harmful. In many cases, this form of lying is no different than taking another's belongings or life, but many still seem to do it regardless of the outcomes. Why do people do it? Well, that question can be debated. Many couples do this to cheat on their spouse. Many thieves do this to steal others' belongs. Many individuals do this to control the minds of people to get them to do what they want to do. Whatever the reason of this deceptive form of lying, most people do it as a form of deceptive gain.

Confused Mind

The final reason why people lie is when individuals don't know the truth. Perhaps the person is taught something, and it is passed on to the next. It may be a lie, but the person still believes it. So if they really believe it, then are they lying? They aren't lying intentionally, but are still doing so because of not telling the truth. With this form of lying, the reason why people do this is mainly because of blind believing, or fear. Many times (although unintentional) it can be just as problematic as to that which is done for deceptive gain.

Those are the 4 main reasons why people lie. Is there a way to stop people from lying? Are all of them bad? Well, that depends on whom you ask. Whether it is a good or bad, can or cannot be prevented, the main reasons are revealed

Lastly... I know that God knows all things... truth will always prevail!!!

To my sister.... BE STRONG!!!! Do what you think is right and we will always be with you no matter what.... truth will set us free!



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