Sunday, November 30, 2008

About You ... dNeero-ites

This convo is specifically about you ... remember when you joined dNeero we presented you with the "Get it going with dNeero" convo ... users asked many wonderful questions, so the following convo is an extension of that convo that includes many of the user questions ... and to qualify for this convo, you must have already joined 15 others ... keep asking those great user questions that challenge your fellow dNeero-ites to exclaim "I hadn't thought about that!"


Friday, November 28, 2008

A Perfect Gift

Are you in search for the perfect gift you can give to a very special women in your life. You can get any gift of your choice but for me there is only one gift that a woman like me would want and that is a gift of hope and health. Do you know someone who is pregnant or would want to be a mother in the near future? This gift that I am talking about is more than just a perfect give for them. I have read that C'elle, a company which offers to preserve stem cell from the baby's umbilical cord is offering a U-Cord®, Cryo-Cell's stem cell cord blood preservation service. These cells which is extracted from the cord are said to treat 75 different diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, osteoporosis, stroke, Alzheimer's and Parkinson's disease. You can check out their gift cards for their services at C'elle . To know further and for more information About the Science don't forget to check out their C'elle Client Testimonial.



What Kind Of Shopper Are You Quiz

You Are a Loyal Shopper

You are a very picky shopper and tend to be loyal to a few brands.

You are willing to pay extra to buy from a brand you trust.

Of all the types, you're the most likely to own many designer items.

You don't seek out sales as much as most people... unless it's a sale at your favorite store!


This Morning...

I am so so excited. Tommorrow is the day that my family have waited for. My sister Ella will finally be back home. She'll be having her annual vacation from work and she'll be spending more than a month here with us.

I just got home from the supermarket. I promised my sister that I will be doing her favorite Mango Refrigerated Cake. I am so tired this morning and I am still so sleepy. I slept 4am this morning and woke up 7am to prepare my daughter for school.

Anyway, I am up to take a nap since my kids are sleeping already. till my next post...


Can You Help Me Choose?

I've just received a call from my best friend. She told me that she won't be spending this holiday season here in the Philippines. Her brother is getting married in California and she will be the bride's maid. I am sad hearing this news from her. We've planned so many things together this holiday.It's kinda sad that all these plans will never happen. She will be leaving 2 weeks from now and I will surely miss her. I am planning to give her an extraordinary gift for this season. I searched online for an ideal gift for women of all ages. I found this site, Oh la la Cadeau. This site has a wide array of gift items for women for different occasions. All this gift items are exquisitely wrapped and is perfect for every women you love. Customers can customize their gift with their own choices of colors and stuffs. Upon seeing this gift packages I come to realize that this is the extraordinary gift that I am looking for for my best friend. I am sending these gifts to her and it is a good thing that Oh la la Cadeau ships their products all across Canada and US. I am kinda confused as to what am I going to choose for her. Here are my choices....


* Portfolio Storage Box with Gift Wrap as shown
* Birds & Nests Rubber Stamp Kit - includes 11 assorted bird and nest stamps with black ink pad
* Tuberose Perfumed Bath Pouch - reusable for bath or shower
* Tuberose Bath Fizz- 2 in box, suitable for bath or shower
* Dufflet Chocolate Crackle - 5.3 oz. box
* Sucre Cocktail Napkins-20
* Purse Notebook- Dress Shoes/ lined, elastic closure
* Tuberose Scent: Lasting floral, compelling, classic.

And this one...


* Boxed with Gift Wrap as shown
* Soap & Paper Factory “Fig” Boxed Guest Soap- everyday and guest size soaps – as seen in “O” list
* Soap & Paper Factory “Fig” Notecards-10 cards/gray envelopes
* Harvest Song “Fig” Preserve- oz. Armenia/as seen in “O” List

Can you guys help me choose?



Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Down with Flu

It caught me! I am down with flu since yesterday. I had a terrible headache and slight fever. I am better now but I still have headache. It's a good thing that hubby helped me to drop entrecard last night.

As for my kids, My liam just turned ten months old today. I am so grateful that he is still as healthy as ever. He never fails to amuse us everyday.

I am so excited because my sister Ella will be home for her annual vacation on Saturday. She will be staying here for more than a month.

That's all for today and I hope to be well before Saturday.


Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Spitz Tunes Now

He'll will host a weekly convo that will bring the old to the new ... he'll provide some facts, he'll ask about the present, he'll get us thinking, wondering, explaining ... and it all revolves around music ... and most importantly, he's looking for your questions -- so have at it, and have fun, and talk to Spitz!!


Monday, November 24, 2008

Rob Pattinson ... Bite Me ... Please!

When it comes to "Twilight," the question isn't whether the teen vampire movie is any good, but whether the hero, Edward Cullen, is as magical as we want him to be. Edward is brooding and sensitive ... and thanks to Pattinson's furrowed eyebrows, crooked smiles and carefully crafted hairstyles, he delivers just the Edward we've been waiting for.


Sunday, November 23, 2008

What I Want From Hubby

Hubby asked me this morning what do I want to buy when he gets his Christmas bonus a couple of weeks from now. I thought about what I really want to have and need. I told hubby that I want a new pair of eyeglasses from The popular online eyeglasses shop. My eyeglasses were kinda old and I need a new one in time for the holiday season. I told him to check out Holiday Glass Frames From Zenni Optical. He told me that Zenni is a lot cheaper compared to the last optical shop that I bought my old glasses. $ 8 Complete Rx Eyeglasses is indeed cheaper!. So to make the long story short hubby finally told me to choose a frame from all of their stylish design and he will buy it for me. I can't wait to have one!


Super Tired Mommy

As to what I have said earlier, We cleaned the whole house. I am currently tired and super exhausted. We finished late already so there were no more time for having dinner out. After cleaning we just stayed home and watched tv with the kids. We watched ENCHANTED on HBO. Symone love this movie and she doesn't mind watching it over and over again.

Right now the kids are all sleeping. Hubby is doing his usual online games on his laptop while here I am taking a break from my blog hops and at the same time dropping entrecards.

Anyway, I have to end this posts already I still have to drop more cards on entrecard. I really find the entrecard toolbar super helpful. It makes my dropping so easy.


Our Sunday.

Just got home from our Sunday worship. My trip to Divisoria with my best friend was postponed because it is raining and it will be very difficult for us to go there. Hubby and I planned to just stay home and clean and rearrange our room. I am so sleepy since I had only 5 hours of sleep last night. We will be having lunch now and after that hubby and I will do our general cleaning. I just hope we can finish it early so that we can still have time our usual Sunday dine out.


Saturday, November 22, 2008

Princess Bride Game for Me and Symone


Since holiday season is just around the corner I have been thinking of a gift that my daughter would love to have. My daughter is very fond of computer games. I bought her a PSP a couple of years back and I noticed that she loves to play role playing games. I also love those kinds of games. As I was searching for new games online I saw this Princess Bride Game. This game was ranked top 10 by the Parenting Magazine. This game was based on a movie which was released in 1987. I can sense that my daughter is going to love this game and I can feel that I will also enjoy this game. This game is all about the adventures of Buttercup and Westley and how they will overcome different obstacles that the evil prince might give them. This game features the voices of the original cast like Mandy Patinkin, Wallace Shawn and Robin Wright Penn. My daughter will definitely love the game's movie like graphics and animation. I am so excited to buy the 5 in 1 pack of this Princess Bride Game for my daughter. I can't wait to see my daughter play this. She loves to imitate princesses that's why I also love to give her this game.


Friday, November 21, 2008

Happy Birthday PAPA!


Thursday, November 20, 2008

What happens when the uninsured go to the emergency room?

The U.S. Census Bureau reports that an increasing number of people are now unable to afford medical insurance. Some 47 million people do not have medical insurance. When they begin to fall sick, there is nothing that can be done if money is short. When it comes to a choice between food on the table and treatment, most people decide to eat. They hope they will get better. When health does not improve, there is no improvement in the choice to be made. If treatment remains unaffordable, they have to wait until their sickness worsens to the point it can be considered an emergency. At this point, people decide to go to the emergency room at their local hospital. Federal law is very clear. Hospitals are under a positive legal obligation to treat everyone who walks in through the door. It does not matter whether the emergency is real, in the sense of a traffic accident inflicting unexpected injury, or to some extent manufactured, where the condition only becomes an emergency because of a deliberate delay. People must be given treatment. The difficulty is that most of the uninsured cannot afford to pay their bills. The hospitals can and do issue invoices for the treatment given and drugs supplied. This is also a part of the law. People have a responsibility to pay for their treatment. But hospitals are realistic about their chances of collecting. Continued pursuit for payment usually results in bankruptcy and the creditors only get a few cents in the dollar. So, hospitals make a rational decision. They spread all the unpaid bills among all those who can pay. In other words, whether you are paying out of your own pocket or you are relying on your own health insurance to pay for your treatment, a percentage of every hospital's bill is a provision against bad debts from the uninsured. The irony is that everyone who is insured is also insuring all the uninsured for their emergency room visits. If you have been wondering why your own health insurance premiums have been going up so sharply of late, it's because there is a wave of uninsured people going to the emergency rooms around the country. The health insurers are having to pay more and this additional cost gets passed on in the premiums. Is it going to get any better? No. It's actually going to get worse. Ever more people are finding health insurance unaffordable. Even with sites like this which allow people to find the cheapest insurance around, many still find the premiums too much. That does not mean you should give up. Using this site will get you offers. Then it's up to you to negotiate directly with the insurer or its agents to get the best actual premium for the cover. It's not worth the risk of being uninsured. If at all possible, get some cover.


Atlantis, The Palm Dubai

The photos were taken last night during the trial run for the formal opening of Atlantis on Friday.


My daughter can't wait!


My daughter Symone loves to watch tv. Everyday after school as soon as she's done with her school assignments, it's either she is in front of the computer playing games or just lying in her bed with the tv on and watching her favorite shows on NICK. She likes cartoons so much. Awhile ago, she was telling me about the new movie of Nat and Alex. I was wondering who is she talking about. She told me that she saw this new movie over at Nick. She kept on telling that she should watch it. She even asked me to watch with her so I can catch on the advertisement and the details on this new movie of Alex and Nat. I was to lazy to get up and since my laptop is beside I just searched it on the net to find out what my daughter is talking about. I read somewhere that Alex and Nat were real life brothers. They have a band, The Naked Brothers Band. This band plays rock and roll music. They are set up to prove that rock and roll is not for adults only but kids and teens alike can relate to this type of genre. I told Symone that Nat and Alex has a new upcoming movie, Operation Mojo. Symone is so excited and is looking forward to it. Operation Mojo will have it's premiere on Nick this coming November 22nd at 8pm. In connection with this movie the brothers, Nat and Alex Wolff will have a live chat with their fans. Better check them out!




My sister sent me a copy of her flight confirmation! I am so excited! 9 more days to go... She'll be home with us till January 6th. All of us are so happy. So many things has been planned for her vacation. I can't wait to spend more time with my sister. I've been looking forward to this since last year and I'm really so excited because this will be her first time to see my little boy, Liam. I was pregnant when she had her vacation last year. My daughter Symone has been counting her fingers everyday, she's counting how many sleeps more till her Tita Ella will be home. She loves Ella so much and she told me that she will tell her Tita Ella to buy her a doll house, a pogo stick and a tent, HAHAHA! So, Ella if you are reading this post better be ready for a shopping spree with Symone.


From dNeero-ites about Christmas

We're a couple of months away from that yearly celebration. Guess we could all use that right now.


Let's Win This Contest Together

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A Diet To Achieve Flat Belly

I am guilty! yes I am guilty of not having a healthy lifestyle when I was younger. I used to eat food carelessly. I love to eat junk foods and fatty foods. I gained weight but I didn't care. I also gained a lot of weight after giving birth to my children. I gained so much that I find it difficult to lose it already. A couple of years back I was diagnosed with stones in my gallbladder. My doctor told me that I got these stones from all the fatty foods that I ate. I have no choice but to let my gallbladder be removed. It was a wake up call for me to be health conscious since I am not getting any younger. I don't want to risk it all again. My problem right now is how to get rid of these unwanted weight and my bulging tummy? It's a good thing that I came across the Flat Belly Diet. I am so excited to try this diet and have the flat belly that I always dreamed of. This diet is basically targeting your belly area since according to studies belly fats are the most dangerous fats in our body. Why dangerous as you may ask? simply because belly fats can cause heart disorders and diseases. As to what I have read, this diet will make you healthier by eating the right foods. I know that this diet will work and I will definitely try it out for myself. Check out the chart below to give you an idea of this Flat Belly Diet. As for myself I can't wait to start this diet and have the flat belly that I wanted. I'll keep you guys posted on my developments in doing this diet.




Friendship Flower

Got this tag from Pinaymom, thanks for this sis!

::: Start copying here:::

Here are the rules for this tag:

1.) Copy the badge and put it on your blog,

2.) Link back who pass you this tag,

3.) Spread this tag to at least 7 or more bloggers who you think you are friend with.

“And lovely are the blossomsThat are tended with great care,By those who work unselfishlyTo make the place more fair.And, like the garden blossoms,Friendship’s flower grows more sweetWhen watched and tended carefullyBy those we know and meet.And, if the seed of friendshipIs planted deep and trueAnd watched with understanding,Friendship’s flower will bloom for you"

I'm passing this tag to my blogger friends.... Lainy, Elvz, Jona, Jannesse, Sheng, Eva, Veniz, JoyD, and Wendy


Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Last Weekend

I've been very lazy these past days. I wasn't able to update my blog lately. Anyway, here's what had happen since last Friday.
I went to SM Southmall with my daughter, Symone for the first time. It was the first time that I bought her at the mall just by myself. We went there to pay our bills. Since I just got my blogging money I decided to buy my kids new clothes and toys. I was so exhausted and tired. We ate at Sbarro and I ordered my favorite pasta... Seafood Primavera Pasta, yummy! My daughter just had her all time favorite, the Great White Pizza. I was so happy having some "alone time" with my daughter.
Symone enjoying her food, Vanilla Shake and Pizza

My favorite Seafood Primavera Pasta


Last Saturday I had an unexpected visitors! I was so happy to see my cousins after 7 long months. I missed them so much. We had so much fun just by being together again. Due to some non-sense issues there were so many things to clear and sort out. I thought that my cousins took the wrong side of coin. I missed them so much and it feels good to be with them again.


Our family day! At long last hubby and I were able to bring the kids at the zoo. My kids had a wonderful time seeing elephants, eagles, snakes etc. for the first time. I would like to share some pics of our zoo trip.