Monday, June 7, 2010

Men's Aftershave For My New Venture? Why Not?

I've been out from the blogosphere for quite sometime. My time has been occupied with my newly opened online store on Facebook. I love shopping online so I decided why not try selling as well. Thinking what to sell was so difficult but since I love shopping so much I come to decide that I should sell only the things that I like and love. Hubby suggested to start with a very low capital and try selling for 1 month. My friends and I bought lots of shirts and blouses a couple of months back because we planned to set up an online boutique but due to many unavoidable circumstances, our plans didn't push through. I decided to try selling the clothes that we bought first then buy some new ones to fill up the store. My shop is now a month old and I am so happy to say that I really enjoyed it though it's kinda tiring sometimes. I gained a lot of friends and most importantly I sold more than I expected. I am so glad that I was able to set up an online shop that me and my friends been planning for sometime. I know that nothing in this world is permanent and I don't know where this business is heading but I am definite that I am keeping the store as long as I can.

I am now going to the next level of selling and that is to sell stuffs for men which my hubby likes. I'll be selling brand new shirts, jeans, belts and even Mens Aftershave very soon so better watch out for it! =)

I'll be posting the logo and link of my online store soon and I hope you'll find time to visit it. See you all there!