Saturday, September 27, 2008

Pearls.... Oh Pearls....

I oh so love pearls! I usually splurge on these pearl things before. I really don't know what's with akoya pearl necklace that I love. I find them so elegant.... yup! when I wear my favorite and most loved pearl necklace which my sister bought in Dubai, I felt so elegant. Even when I am in my most casual clothes, I felt so special.

Now that I just gave birth a couple of months back, I cannot do my usual hunting and shopping for authentic pearls anymore. It's a good thing that somebody introduced me to this site that sells freshwater pearl necklace. I know that shopping online has so many risk but with this site all their pearls are guaranteed 100% authentic and genuine. The have a wide array of akoya saltwater pearls and fresh water pearls. I also learned that their pearl jewelries are carefully handpicked and hand knotted. I browsed their gallery of jewelries and trust me.... you'll be amaze at how beautiful their bracelets, earrings and necklaces are. I really can't wait to buy one of their black pearl necklace that I spotted while browsing their jewelry catalog. They sell at a very reasonable price and prices are guaranteed to be the lowest you can find online.
I also found out that they are offering a 5% discount just by joining the discount club , and mind you, this discount club is free to join, cool huh!? and one more good news for their buyers .... they are offering free shipping worldwide.

No question about the quality of the item that you are paying for because as they say " WHAT YOU SEE IS WHAT YOU PAY". If in any case or reasons that you are not satisfied with the items that you purchased (which I know you'll love!) they will be giving back your money, no questions asked or whatsoever.

Got to go now and I think that it is much better to visit the site yourself to learn more by asking their pearl expert for free. Happy shopping everyone!!



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