Thursday, September 11, 2008

How Time Flies...

I was so bored this afternoon and cannot think of anything to do. I just thought of browsing some old photos on my laptop instead of boring myself to death. I saw pictures that I somewhat forgot already. There were pictures of my little girl Symone during her toddler years and what struck me the most were the pictures that hubby took when I gave birth last January. It reminds me of pain and also it reminds me of how fulfilled I am seeing my child for the very first time. It is wonderful to see his face again when he was just a couple of minutes old. How time really flies... My daughter Symone is already in pre-school and my little boy Liam is doing some extraordinary stunts which amuses us everyday. I cannot help but wonder how blessed I am having this little boy in my life along with her big sister Symone.

I cherish pictures so much that I wanted to make it a slideshow or a photoshow.... a slideshow with all the styles, music and effects. I searched for a software or tool for doing a slideshow until I came across this site that offers a free slideshow maker with all the add ons that I wanted. Roxio online is a very useful tool in making those old photos come to life. Try checking out their site and try doing photoshows in an instant for FREE... yup! this is totally free. You can even burn your finished photoshow on a cd and share them with your friends. Try it out!!!

Heres the pictures that I was talking about... my pictures before and after delivering my son.

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