Wednesday, May 14, 2008

A 6.8 magnitude earthquake will hit the Philippines tonight.... hoax?

“U.S. GEOLOGICAL SOCIETY PREDICTS A 6.8 MAGNITUDE EARTHQUAKE WILL HIT PHILIPPINES PLATES TONIGHT. PLEASE BE CALM AND ALERT. This text message is from Hawaii State Emergency Preparedness Office. Please pass (no harm in being prepared) Let’s pray this will not happen.”

I recieved that text message this noon. I'm so afraid of the news so I decided to look it up on the net to know if this is true or a hoax. Upon my research on the net, I learned that 19 hours ago an earthquake with magnitude 5.3 occurred near Ilagan, Luzon, Philippines. There were no reports or confirmation of the said earthquake that will hit the Philippines tonight. I saw an interview with Mr. Renato Solidum, Director of Phil. Institute of Volcanology and Seismology and he said that there is no truth about the earthquake. In other words this sms brigade is a hoax!

here's the video of TV Patrols report on the rumored 6.8 magnitude earthquake

And Lastly I should say that we must pray for our country's safety and for our own safety as well.



Jeric Peña


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