Friday, February 26, 2010

Symone's New Toy

My daughter Symone made it again on her class honor roll last quarter. Hubby and I were so happy to receive another merit card from Symone's school. We thought of giving my little girl a little something as a reward for a job well done. Hubby and I asked her what reward does she want. She told us that she wants a new mp3 player loaded with her favorite songs. So last week hubby and I decided to give my child what she wants. Hubby bought a not so expensive pink mp3 player for our princess. Symone was so happy with her new toy and she was overwhelmed with the color too because it's her favorite. I told hubby to load up Symone's player with her favorite songs with the help of the MP3SearchEngine . Hubby loaded up my daughter's player and also his player. He spent hours searching all the songs that he likes and downloaded hundreds of it. I was so grateful that I've learned about this site because I have found all the hard to find songs that I want.

School year will be finish in a few more weeks and I am hoping and even praying too, that our little girl, my Symone will be on her class honor roll again. She will be graduating in pre-school this April and I am so excited to see my "not so" little girl entering big school next school year.