Friday, February 29, 2008

Second Time Mommy

I just gave birth last month to a very healthy baby boy.... LIAM XYMONE.

I would like to share my "very memorable" experience.....

I was due last January 22, 2008. I went to my weekly pre-natal check up with hubby January 25th..... My OB told me that I will be induced to labor since I'm 3 days overdue already. I' not nervous nor scared since this is my second time already. I wanted a super painful chilbirth... hahaha! no epidurals, no anesthesia, no demerols.

I was admitted the same day at the hospita at 2pm. Got shots for the induction of labor.

3pm... i was 2cm dilated already, pain is still tolerable

5pm... 3cm dilated.... labor pain is still tolerable.... i can still text and answer calls on my phone.

My OB, Dra. Geannie Lopez-Cerna came at 7pm. Labor pain is on and off.... it's stronger and very painful this time. 6cm dilated already

at 10pm... i was bought at the delivery room already.

2am the next day....I was very tired of pushing and the baby is in distress now. My Ob finally told me that i have to deliver via C-section and voila! my baby is out 3am January 26th.

After all the pains and pushing it all boils down on having a cesarean.... hahaha!!!!

When I saw my little boy for the first time I just said to myself that "IT WAS ALL WORTH IT"